Thanks! Your feedback helped us improve the Google Maps app

It is not too often that a large company like Google makes changes because of the requests of users. They tend to have developers for that. However I received a nice surprise in my inbox this morning. I made a request to revert the traffic patterns in Google Maps for iOS back to a previous style.

googlemaps-beforeAs you can see on the left, the previous style had traffic showing only green, yellow or red on the outside of the yellow/orange-ish routes. Then they changed the styling to have a white outline between the traffic patterns and the routes. The problem I had with this is that when you are on satellite view, it makes the traffic patterns extremely hard to see.


googlemaps-afterWell, Google informed me that they have changed the style thanks to my request. As you can now see, they have changed it to include a thicker traffic pattern style making it much more prominent.

Now I am not saying this was solely because of my request, but what I am saying is that my request was taken into consideration and a change was made based on my request.

Below is the full email from the Google Maps Team.