Stream – WordPress Activity Logger

I always like to test out plugins I use for a while before I recommend them to others. Many of them seem to be great when I first work with them but then over time they fall by the way side and are never used again. Stream is one of those that does not fall into this category at all.

Stream creates a log of all logged in users activity. This is critical when you have multiple users on a website that have roles in the higher levels of the WordPress User Roles. It can be very hard to discern which user changed a theme, updated a plugin, deleted a post or created a page. Stream takes the guesswork out of all of these issues.

Setting up Stream is very easy.

  1. Check the boxes next to which user role will have access to view the Stream logs.
  2. Choose if you want to enable Private Feeds (I will discuss this later).
  3. Choose how many days you want to keep the logs for the site.


Once all the settings are set up, wait a while and head over to the Stream. Here you can see when users logged in and what they did while logged in. The plug-in includes all the normal filters you would expect it would have including data ranges, users, connectors, context and actions.


I have been using Stream on a couple sites for about 5 months now (since launch) and am in the process of adding it to every site that has multiple users on it. Not only does it show what each user has done, but it can also be used to prove what that user hasn’t done i.e. claiming to have posted a report to their company website and the owner is upset because supposedly, WordPress deleted the file.Turns out, after inspecting the Stream log, that user had not logged in at all in the past 3 weeks.


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