So Much Work

So I finally have the blog up and running. But now I am having problems finding time to actually use it. I have been getting so much freelance work as well as work from my real full time job. I thought that I would have much more time to make some quality posts.

I am currently finishing up on a site for a horse racing handicapper. Next I have a small school out in Plano that wants a website done for them. I am also just starting to redo my company’s website (Laser Products Industries) which includes re-branding the entire company. I have our logo, business cards, promotional DVD’s, catalogs and fliers done. The website is just taking me a while to find the time in the work day to do it. I might just have to do some of it on my own time.

To top it all off, I still have to finish my portfolio as well.  I thought I was going to have that done, then get the blog done, but the blog happened a lot quicker than I planned so now things are all backwards. I have had a really weird work flow the past month or so with doing things when I have the time to. So…I guess we’ll see what happens.

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