New Camera = More Photography

I finally broke down and bought a new camera. I was going to get a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (from here after int this post referred to as the 5D) but then comparing that with the Canon EOS 7D, it didn’t make much sense. The 5Ddoesn’t have a built in flash so I would have to carry one with me at all times. Also, it seems that since the EOS 7D model is a few years newer, many of the best functions that the 5D had was brought to the EOS 7D.

I remember in my Intro to Photography class, sophomore year of college, the first thing my professor told the class was

“The photographer makes the camera. The camera doesn’t make the photographer.”

I truly believe this since I have seen absolutely amazing photos taken with cheap disposable cameras. It is all about makes sure the composition of the photograph is good to begin with. Then in Adobe Photoshop and LightRoom, you can do almost anything.

I will be greatly expanding the Photography section of this site in the coming future. I might actually just create a new gallery dedicated solely to my Photography and just keep a small sample here on this site.

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