DreamObjects – WordPress Backup

Perhaps one of the most overlooked practices both in the personal and professional computer world is backups. I myself am guilty of forgetting to keep backups of the most recent documents and projects I have worked on. One thing that has help me was when I found Carbonite.

Carbonite allows you to setup your backups once and then never think about it again. For $59 a year, you can have peace of mind knowing that as you are working on your computer, every change of a file (once saved) will be automatically scheduled for backup. All you need is to let your computer sit with an internet connection. Most of us leave our computers on all the time so this can be set to run in the background when your not actively using your computer.

So backing up a computer is made easy. What is next? Well how about your website (websites if you are like me and actively maintain over 15). Doing a site backup is not too difficult. It used to be you just FTP into the site and copy the entire