Creating A Backup in DSM (DiskStation Manager)

Before we can create a backup on DSM, we first need to take care of some preliminary work. In order to create a backup we will need to create a user for the backup as well as a volume (directory) for the backup to be sent to.

Creating a Volume

  1. Open up Control Panel > Shared Folder > Create
  2. Give the volume a name, description and choose the location
  3. Choose which users have access to this volume (don’t worry that the user you will create is not there, when we create the user account in the next step, you will have the option set which volumes to use)

Creating a User

  1. Open up Control Panel > User
  2. Click Create > Create User
  3. Enter a name, description email and password
  4. Choose which groups you wish to add the user to
  5. If you wish you can assign a quote as to how much data they can store on the NAS
  6. Finally you can choose the speed limits that the user has on the network. This will

Accessing a Volume in Windows

  1. Map a Network Drive
  2. Choose a drive letter
  3. Enter “\\DISKSTATION\User” without quotes
  4. Enter the user name and password
  5. Check “reconnect at login”

Backup with Data Replicator

  1. Download and install Data Replicator on your PC
  2. Choose which directories you want to backup
  3. Choose which backup mode you want to use


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