Comcast Xfinity X1 Remote 30 Second Jump

I am a Comcast Xfinity Subscriber and recently got the new X1 platform. There are a lot of nice additions to it over their old platform but there are also a lot of bugs in it that they have not worked out yet that I won’t even go into. One function that I used all the time on the old platform that I’ve have grown to love is being able to jump 30 seconds forward in a recording on the DVR. The Page Up button skips forward 5 minutes while watching a program but how is this useful? Commercials are generally 3-4 minutes so you would have to go forward and then back 2-3 times. From what I have found, skipping ahead 30 seconds 5 or 6 times takes you to about 3 seconds before the commercial break ends.

Below is how to reprogram the Page Up button to skip ahead 30 seconds.

  1. Press the Exit button 3 times
  2. Press 0030

That’s it. Now pressing the Page Up button skips ahead 30 seconds and the Page Down button as well as the replay button skip back 15 seconds. If you wish to return it to the 5 minutes that is the default enter 0500. Trying other times like 0045 or 0100 have not lead to any success in my experiences though.

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  1. Brian,
    You have a wonderful website. With the new Comcast Xfinity Remote XR5 v4-U this does seem to work. Is there something else to get to 30 seconds? Thanks, David

    • Did you mean this “doesn’t” seem to work for you? Or did you want to get below 30 seconds?

      I have had to repeat this process three times in the past year as system updates reset this. But it worked a couple weeks ago. You might have a newer DVR or remote than what I have. I have the XR2 Version U2.

    • I have not had a change to play with that remote so I do not know. I am sure some small changes have been made in the firmware but it is probably something pretty close to the same.

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