Backup! Backup! Backup! (Part 2)

Waiting for what seemed like for ever, really 5 hours at work, UPS finally delivered the new DiskStation DS1513+ and I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I did try to constrain myself and be a responsible adult, open it slowing and carefully and follow the setup instructions instead of pretending to know what I am doing and figuring it out myself.


I am planning on breaking this apart into a series of posts for each aspect of DiskStation because I feel that if I attempted to do it all at once, I would

  1. Never finish this post.
  2. Have a post that would simply be too long for someone to care to read.
  3. Have an unorganized mess this is not searchable to use as a reference for myself in the future or to anyone else thinking of purchasing one or in need of help setting it up.

Basic Setup

Installation of the hard drives was simple. Just pop the trays out of the bays, lay the drives in the trays and then slide the trays back in the bays. Nothing difficult about that.


Connecting the DiskStation to our network was as easy as plugging in an ethernet jack into one of the four ports on the NAS. Once connected, all I had to do was navigate a browser to http://diskstation:5000. My browser found DSM almost immediately and asked to format all 5 hard drives to prepare them for setting up the NAS.

01. Format Hard Drives

Once the drives were all formatted they automatically set up the RAID array and asked me to setup my admin account. Along with the admin account, Synology includes QuickConnect which allows you to access your files from a browser anywhere in the world so I created this account as well.

After the QuickConnect account was set up, there was an immediate notification of an update to DSM from the Control Panel. This was just a matter of clicking on the Download button and then Update.

10. Update DSM

The update said it would take about 10 minutes but it actually about 3 or 4. Once it rebooted, The NAS was set up and ready to use.

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